When God Moves on Your Behalf

“Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; His love endures forever.” Psalm 107:5

It is important to find a way to give God thanks for all His blessings upon your life, and your children and loved ones. Manifest your gratitude in a myriad of ways, my friend, for God has done wonderful things for you!

Thank Him in early-morning prayer for the privilege to rise and shine. Praise Him in the depths of your infirmity, even before He moves on your behalf for healing. Lift up your loved ones to Him draped in revelry; for this is the day of His benevolence. Sing His praises on high from the mountain tops and from the shadowy valley where you live; that He will find favor in your joy-filled refrain, and bring you into The Light of Jesus Christ.

Open your hearts to the sound of Jesus’ voice, and let Him dry all your tears in due time. Open the doors and windows in your dwelling place. For now is the time to praise God in the name of Jesus! For all that is right, all that is just, all that is true and pure, wholesome and holy comes from the Lord.

Weighted down with feelings of unworthiness, Jesus beckons us to come anyway, despite our many imperfections. Offering unsurpassed mercy and grace to all who seek Him with an open heart, He waves for us to join Him and to enter into His presence, even just for respite.

Savior of the World, Jesus IS the key to a righteous life; He IS the light, the lamp to your feet, to keep you on the high road to Eternity. Don’t worry that you are undeserving of His sublime, divine love. For what man or woman could ever rightfully boast their worthiness of the love of Jesus? It is His grace that sustains us!

The love of people pales in comparison to the love of God. And even the righteous fall far short of His commands. For the love of God is light years past that of the love-capacity of man; but we can and must try to accept and emulate the love of Jesus, as we are created in His image.

Despite our inability to love unconditionally, we are commissioned by Jesus to love God and each other with all our strength. And that we do, whenever we lift up His name in prayers of gratitude and praise.

© Copyright 2012   |   Adele M. Gill

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  1. Needed to hear this today. Thank you Adele for posting this.


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