About Us

A lifelong Catholic and prolific writer, author Adele M. Gill lives in Maryland with her husband. As a retired RN and a certified Chaplain, she provides a simple, yet unique, heart-warming approach to life to her readers. For her, strong faith, peace and joy are all natural outcomes to trusting in God. There is simplicity in her faith-filled writings as she strives to lead souls into The Light of Jesus Christ.

This website by Adele M. Gill is designed to inspire readers through simple faith in Jesus Christ, the Greatest Hope the World Has Ever Known. Adele’s inspirational/motivational writings include books titled, ‘Patient Persistence,’ 7 Pathways to Hope,’ as well as, ‘The Inspiration Cafe Blog,’ and her upcoming book, soon to be published, “From Broken to Blest: Embracing the Healing That Awaits You.”