Another New York Travesty

By Adele M. Gill


Luke 23:34 “Forgive them; they know not what they do.”


According to the Daily Wire, on Monday, April 13th, New York Governor Governor Cuomo attempted to boldly take credit for the lowered number of new cases of Covid-19 virus  there by saying, “God did not do that.” As a big believer in giving credit where credit is due—especially where God is concerned. I am saddened whenever political leaders publicly show complete and utter contempt, and disregard, for God’s handiwork. That is exactly what happened when New York Governor Cuomo arrogantly made this proclamation.

In God We Trust

No, God did not cause this corona-virus pandemic. Rather, it is my opinion that God allowed the pandemic to happen. Perhaps the US and global community needed a reminder, a wake-up call if you will, as some of our most prominent leaders, like Governor Cuomo, work tirelessly and diligently, and in a focused way, to prematurely end human lives, while systematically taking ‘God, In God We Trust,’ and Christian symbols out of our homes, schools, culture, and our country altogether. Could it be that such ungodly actions have put us all at risk for God’s wrath, while making New York ground zero for the pandemic in the US? The Bible tells us that God is slow to anger… but I’m sure there is a limit to what God will allow…


These days’ even our most basic civil right, the right to life, stands in the balance in the US. Governor Cuomo is proudly leading that legislative effort at the helm, as evidenced by his legislating abortion of God’s latest and greatest creations, even up until birth. Some of our leading politicians are dangerously playing God by instituting laws that violently end the lives of the pre-born, even during this pandemic. They are also by enabling and promoting assisted suicide, subverting and preventing natural death. For those with discernment who believe in and trust in God as an All-powerful, Mighty God, Ever-present, Omnipotent Healer, Protector, Comforter, Guide, and Savior, Governor Cuomo’s godless proclamation was nothing short of a blasphemous absurdity.

Sidelining God

My initial reaction was to become incensed by Governor Cuomo’s actions. However, after my initial reaction passed, and reality set in, I began to feel sorry for Governor Cuomo. Why? Because I know that God will deal with him and his compadres as He will. With that said, it is a very serious matter to attempt to sideline God, while negating His finest work. Yes, Covid-19 testing, social distancing, quarantine, and ventilators have been vitally important to containing the virus. And Heroic health care workers are working around the clock to treat those who are seriously ill and even dying from this plague we call Covid-19. But that is just part of the story…


People of faith know well that when things seem desperate and most out of control, when all seems lost, we need to pray and turn to God. Prayer always changes things for the better. We need to pray and place our trust in Him. And that is what is happening with people of faith all over the world during this pandemic. God is the one in control—not Governor Cuomo or any other politician. And this Covid-19 pandemic is no exception. With God at the helm, the pressing question is this: Where does our help come from?

Slow to Anger

As Christians, we serve a loving God who is patient with us, slow to anger, and rich in forgiveness for those who ask for it. The key point here is that we need to pray, humble ourselves and turn to God, rather than away from Him, to be able to receive His mercy and grace that He so generously bestows upon each of us. For believing Christians know well that Jesus is the answer, our greatest hope, in dealing with this pandemic, as God is ultimately in control. We all need to grow in faith through this difficult time, and it will make us stronger in the long run.


As for Governor Cuomo and his ilk, it is easy to love those who are in step with us. But what about those who offend God? Well, we need to try our level best to love and forgive them and move on, trusting with confidence that God will deal with them as He will. If we can do that, God will do the rest, for scripture tells us that both forgiveness and wrath belong to Him. For even as Jesus was being crucified, He offered love, compassion and forgiveness to those who did not deserve it:

Luke 23:34 “Forgive them; they know not what they do.”


© Copyright   |   Adele M. Gill

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