The Truth Famine: 12 Ways to ID Fake News

By Adele M. Gill

News and the Truth Famine. What can we believe to be true these days, as we witness opposing, conflicting and distressing news reports day-in day-out? God is not the author of confusion, chaos and mayhem—that is The Enemy’s job… 

                           “The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, to all who                call upon Him in truth.”   

Psalm 145:18

So where do people of all ages ‘find truth,’ as the news agencies they depend on daily knowingly feed them biased, agenda-based, op-ed pieces and air half-truths and full lies, posing as ‘trustworthy journalism?’ Real journalism is true, objective and fair. However, it has been derailed in exchange for half-truths and lies confusing us all, and fueling mayhem. Charlatins! But take heart…There is a way to sift through media reports to find truth even in the age of media….



Like gossipy town criers, too many news agencies and politicians stir controversy and negativity in exchange for what is good and right and true. Media deception has become the new norm for the unwitting and unaware. Long gone is objective, trustworthy news you could count on…This deception overwhelms people, and wears them down, giving them ‘news fatigue,’ hence what I call, The Truth Famine.

“…Each one deceives the other, no one speaks the truth. They have accustomed their tongues to lying, they are perverse and cannot repent.”

Jeremiah 9:4


Each of us needs to find our own method and personal way to seek out truth—even and especially in these times of political and social unrest and strife in the US. Finding truth is vitally important to the decisions we make; from choosing where and with whom we spend our time, what we believe, and particularly when voting for whom will lead us and our country. These are decisions not to be made lightly as they are far-reaching, affecting all of us.

The Truth Famine:  12 Ways to ID Fake News

We need to:

1)Identify what your own most important issues are.

2) Diversify your news. Regularly compare 3-4 media organizations to hear about current issues.

3) Dedicate 10 minutes a day to online research for your most important issues. It may be the only way you learn the objective truth about the world you live in. Truth.

4) Don’t argue–Agree to disagree with those who see the world in a different way. Truth.

5) Pray for God’s discernment which is everlasting. Truth.

6) Compare the news you see, and gain as much objective information as possible.

7) Do your own independent research! Check out voting records, bios, and verify stats you hear in the news. Don’t blindly accept any information that media organizations put out. Slanted news media and the bent stats they use can easily be deceiving. Be smart!

8) Understand that actions speak louder than words. Truth.

Listen carefully for discrepancies in word and deed. If a politician talks about doing everything ‘for the children’ but their vote benefits Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion provider in the US that murders innocent babies, they are not, in reality, ‘for the children.’ You can’t be pro-life and pro-abortion at the same time.  Truth.

9) Remember—As Christians, we know the end of the story; and no one is beyond God’s view or reach. We need to do our part to learn what is truth—that which is of God—and what is not. Understand that anarchy, violence and destruction and the culture of death, will never win in the end. Truth!

10) Share the objective truth you find with others.

11) Read your Bible, so you can know well the will of God. It’s all in there! Truth.

12) Revel in the great freedom you find in being a truth-seeker, as you walk through this life knowing you did everything you could to follow God’s Ways and Divine Will…

“….And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

John 8:32

Someone once told me, “What people do is more important than what they say. Talk is cheap.” In the present state of affairs, we must invest some time and energy in pursuing truth, despite the fact that it takes some time and effort. We need to pray for discernment and use ALL of our resources. We can no longer be spoon-fed truth (news) by a world spinning out of control without a conscience, a world that has great disdain for God, His truths, and His ways…Without God’s discernment, this world can be a daunting, frightening place!

© Copyright 2020   |   Adele M. Gill

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