Always a Reason for Hope

                                            “Be faithful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer…”  Romans 12:12

When we look at hope through the eyes of our own humanness, it is easy to see it simply as optimism… a positive attitude. Yet through the eyes of faith, hope is so much more…For when feelings of hope merge into faith-filled petitions, asking The Lord for His help, it is an entirely different matter…Things change for the better and worry dissipates swiftly!

For hope-filled prayer is powerful, full of confident anticipation that The Lord will hear your plea and answer you in His own special way and time. When you offer hope-filled prayers for yourself or someone else, you know that God is in control, and you defer to Him to take care of whatever you ask of Him. When you offer hope-filled prayer, the challenge or concern is essentially “off your desk,” as you wait expectantly to see what He will do.

When you confidently place your hope in God, your hope will not wax and wane as when it is merely based on feelings of human optimism. The truth is, feelings come and go like the wind; however, hope, steeped in faith, is enduring. Sure, we all have the temptation to take back our prayer requests and try to “fix” things ourselves, but most often it just complicates things…But the Lord is patient, kind and merciful; He will wait for us to return it to Him, leaving it once again in His loving, healing hands.

So go on…Take a look at what is bothering you today. Make a list if it will help. Specifically, look at the areas where you are hope-challenged. Are you concerned about your job security, your children, your parents, or finances? Truly, there is always a reason to hope...And when you place your heartfelt prayer request in God’s hands, you can know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you and your loved ones are in the best of hands. In His omnipotence, God has the answer before you even pray the prayer… And He will show you the way to go. He will send the Holy Spirit of Jesus to help you in the most practical ways, giving you even greater reason to place your hope in Him!

© Copyright 2017   |   Adele M. Gill


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Adele M. Gill is co-author of From Broken to Blest: Embracing the Healing that Awaits You, due for publication in mid-September 2017. This is Adele’s story about growing up with her mother who was mentally ill, her father who she later learned was in the Mafia, and the subsequent mind-body effects of untreated childhood trauma she experienced. Most of all, this book is about how Adele embraced God’s healing through what she calls,                                the Mind-Body-Faith Phenomenon.

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