Hymnal Lyrics: ‘We are Called’

by David Haas

We are called to act with justice.

We are called to love tenderly.

We are called to serve one another, to walk humbly with God.


The above powerful song lyrics to “We Are Called” were sung at Mass today, accompanied by a wonderful homily on humility. In the biblical sense, believing Christians are uniquely called to peacefully walk humbly with Jesus. It’s not that they are so good at it, but it is the striving soul that turns to God when they are hurting.

By trying their level best to work for peace, believing Christians frequently forfeit opportunities to strive to preserve their own reputation, avoid having to have the last word, resist the urge to fight back when wronged, and try to restrain from lashing out to others. Instead, they are compelled to turn to God at every turn to restore lost peace, promote comfort, seek protection, and even sublime joy in adversity, despite how they may feel about any given person or circumstance.

No, believing Christians are not destined to become doormats, however, they are compelled to embrace the high road whenever humanly possible. Being a believing Christian is not for the faint of heart, or those looking for the popularity or worldly reward. Actually, being a Christian today sometimes involves being surrounded by hostile or lukewarm souls that chide them for their beliefs. CorollaPier2

Perhaps you have heard the Christian faith referred to as the “Christian thing.” In a worldly sense, it is very easy for people to dismiss the faith of others and try to compartmentalize others Christian faith. Certainly our culture promotes this in a myriad of creative ways. For it is possible to be a Christian in name only, an experience that is akin to membership in a club rather than being on the road to grow in faith. However, with Jesus, there is continuity in faith that includes a general respect for that which is Godly. A broken heart for what breaks God’s heart. For the fervent believing Christian soul, there is a zeal and kindness that is best expressed through love, compassion and charity poorly understood by the world at large.

That is not to say that believing Christians do not sometimes feel sad, rejected, abandoned, angry, helpless, or complacent in the face of obstacles or difficult circumstances. It is all part of the human condition. Sometimes these feelings bubble up as with anyone challenged with opposition or malice. However, the difference is in how they are process such events over time. Like anyone else, believing Christians naturally, initially look to others for answers and consolation when presented with hurtful, toxic, or difficult people, or challenging situations. The difference is that they are able to eventually move on, by the grace of God, through activated faith, prayer and Holy Scripture, as they seek counsel and comfort in Jesus Christ rather than that of the world.

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