Embracing Your Healing


“Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened,[b] and I will give you rest…” Matthew 11:28

For decades, I thought that there was no healing possible for the major depression and neuro-autoimmune condition I have lived with now for 35 years. In essence, I thought that things were just the way they were, and it would be. I determined that I just had to endure serious life-threatening infirmity and depression—and felt very alone in my mind-body challenges. However, through reading Scripture, one day I came to a new realization. That is, that I was not alone and that my God was a living, accessible, healing  God that loved me deeply and would never leave me.


Through reading the Bible often, I came to understand that Jesus is the Great Healer, Comforter and Savior. That if any healing were to occur in my life, it would be through Him. Initially, trusting Jesus with my health was not easy. However, with the passage of time, I began placing my focus squarely on Him in every circumstance, during both times of remission and during exascerbations. Where else, I thought, could my healing come from?


When we place our challenges and trials in God’s hands, three things happen:

  • Our burden seems lighter and more manageable.
  • We are able to endure great things with hope and optimism that things will get better.
  • We are able to grow in trust of God’s saving hand as He works al things out for our good.


Striving to trust in God’s great love for us is the first step in stepping onto the healing path.  Praying for whatever we need and coming back to thank Him for blessings received is the second step. For when we communicate our needs to Jesus, and place our burdens in His hands, we are in the position to wait with great anticipation to see what He will do next in our lives. For me. Jesus the Great Healer and Comforter, together with my doctors, has healed my depression and made my medical condition much easier to endure as I walk in peace and joy knowing God is in control. He has changed my heart to accept what is, but just for today. Though the neuro-autoimmune condition persists, I am far more able to deal with whatever comes. Yes, every day is still an adventure in faith, patience and perseverance. But with Him by my side, what do I have to fear?


Adele M. Gill is a retired RN, co-author of the new book, ‘From Broken to Blest: Embracing the Healing that Awaits You’ now available on Amazon, author of The Inspiration Café blog, and pioneer of The Mind-Body-Faith Phenomenon. For more on how to ’embrace the healing that awaits you’ check out Chapter 9 in ‘From Broken to Blest,’ now available on www.Amazon.com  and www.Barnes&Noble.com.

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