Gifts of God Are Irrevocable

                      “For the gifts and the call of God are irrevocable.”                       

Romans 11:29

The gifts of God are irrevocable; that is, He does not take them back. When God gives you a gift, he does so freely through His unconditional Love, and divine grace. When He does that, He enables you to use that gift for good. As with Moses who had a speech impairment, Mary Magdalene who Jesus healed of 7 demons, and David who was an adulterous wanderer before becoming a strong leader and king, God used and often uses flawed, struggling people to accomplish His greatest work. ‘Truth is, He can and will use absolutely anyone, believers and non-believers alike, to lead souls to Jesus Christ, and hence to Heaven’s gate.

God Waits fro Us

With patience and persistence, God waits for each of us to recognize the gifts He bestows upon us, embrace them, and share them with others. All the while equipping us to use His gifts to enrich our lives and help others using those gifts. God’s precious gifts, such as the gift of faith, help us to clean up our lives, to forge ahead, and seek Him, and His Son Jesus, with great fervor, and all our being.

God’s blessings and gifts are most often given for the benefit of building up His Kingdom, and are irrevocable—That is, they cannot be taken away. Even if through our free will, we choose not to use the gifts God sends, He still does not remove them. However, they may sit dormant waiting for us to awaken to their presence, and to use them.

Please Lord, Send Someone Else!

Even Moses tried to beg off of the job of leading the Israelites. He then went on to become a tremendous leader, though eloquent speech was not a natural gift he held. Scripture tells us that his initial response to God’s call was, “Please Lord, send someone else!” And you know the rest of the story…

In the same sense, when one receives a calling, that calling is subject to one’s free will. We have the ability to say, “No thanks” to God, or “Here I am Lord!” God never forces us to do anything we don’t want to do. We can choose to do what He lays on our heart, or not. It really is a matter of personal choice.

Well-Equipped for Every Good Work

However, it is important to note that when we say, “Yes” to what He asks of us, we can do so in confidence, as He will fully equip us, and pave the way for us to successfully accomplish that good work. For the asking, through the power of the Holy Spirit, He will give you the words to say, the opportunity to speak truth, and soften the hearts of those you encounter are to minister to, as you embark on whatever He has anointed you to do. And you can certainly rest assured that He goes before you always to prepare the way!

                                        “For the gifts and the call of God are irrevocable”                                                Luke 11:29

© Copyright 2020   |   Adele M. Gill

 Adele M. Gill is a graduate of the University of Maryland School of Nursing, and a retired RN/BSN. She is also a 2014 graduate of the St. James College Seminary/American Chaplain Training Institute and a certified community Chaplain serving in outreach to the homeless, and those in most need.

Adele is the founder/author of The Inspiration Café Blog, an inspirational blog (x10 yrs), and the author of 6 books including her latest book,            ‘How to Go From Broken to Blest,to be published spring, 2020. 


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