How to Go From Broken to Blest

Going from broken to blest in your life may sound like a lofty goal, but clearly, it is possible! All it takes is recognition of your brokenness, and a strong desire to rise above your circumstances. It is not as difficult as it may seem, but it takes some level of resolve, and focus on moving forward from whatever it is that is holding you back. A lot of times, forgiveness of others and ourselves is key to our healing from the brokenness we experience. However, sometimes we are not fully aware of what is holding us back when we feel broken.

For many people living with depression, and/or PTSD that may signal untreated childhood trauma—experiences that we are not fully aware of. When we don’t know why we are stuck in the mire, so to speak, sometimes it can seem impossible to find hope and peace. It is those times that praying for clarity can be most helpful. This life is a journey…perhaps it’s time to make it an adventure and step away from whatever it is that is holding you back! Here are 7 steps to go from broken to blest for a better life:

Step 1: Acknowledge Your Brokenness

Step 2: Invite Jesus to Come Into Your Life

Step 3: Evict Negative Thoughts about Yourself and Others

Step 4: Reach For Forgiveness: The Key to Health and Happiness

Step 5: Accept Your Own Imperfections & Those of Others

Step 6: Learn to Look For Silver Linings in Adversity

Step 7: Embrace the Healing That Awaits You

Many times we try to run away from whatever is bothering us. Perhaps it is time to step toward it instead! Acknowledging ones brokenness is the first step in the healing process. Prayer can give us the courage to face any circumstance with God’s help—especially if it is difficult to do. Next we need to evict negative thoughts with the understanding that we get to choose what we think about and focus on. When you look at thoughts simply as clouds passing through with blue sky in the background, it is easier to usher stormy thoughts out of your mind. When negative thoughts get in, it is possible and necessary to lead them out like as you would any unwelcome visitor.

Forgiveness is key to realizing improved mind-body health and maximal wellness. In fact, as hard as it is, nothing can remove bitterness and brokenness more quickly than moving in forgiveness. Unforgiveness is a burden that can bog down even the strongest person while affecting mind-body health and even attitude and perspective on life in general.

Once we are able to forgive, we can begin to spend that previously lost energy on astutely looking for silver linings. This changes our perspective and enables us to see the world in a healthier way, one that can bring invigoration and vitality into your life as you search for the upside in every challenging circumstance.

Finally, once you are able to live a more positive life, you are prepared to embrace the healing that awaits you—Healing that God has for each of us as we seek Him in earnest. No that does mean that you will live in complete nirvana. Rather, you live with great anticipation as you are able to seek good in your life and ask yourself: What will God do now? This exercise in optimism is at the center of letting go of control in challenging circumstances, and deferring to God when you have done what you can to make things better. What relief it is to know that you are never alone in any situation—that God will intercede on your behalf if you can just step aside and let Him do his finest work in your life!

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Adele M. Gill is a retired RN, co-author of the new book, ‘From Broken to Blest: Embracing the Healing that Awaits You,’ author of The Inspiration Café blog, pioneer of The Mind-Body-Faith Phenomenon, and author of many health and spirituality articles. For more on How to Go from Broken to Blest, check out Chapter 10 in the book, now  available on

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