A New Monday Morning Perspective

                                       “This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24                                                     www.BibleGateway.com 

Recently, I realized, like many others, that I needed a new Monday morning perspective. I had come to dread Monday mornings, especially the weeks I was to receive IV therapy. Something had to change, and I recognized that a new Monday morning perspective would decrease my stress level and even lower my blood pressure. In essence, I was in need of an attitude adjustment.


This week I am at the Medical Center receiving 5 days of IVIG infusion treatments for a progressive neuromuscular condition I have had for about 32 years. In the past getting these treatments was a tremendous burden for me to endure. However, these days, I am feeling extremely blest that medical science has a remedy. Though it is not a cure, I recognize what a great help these treatments provide.


Without them, my respiratory muscles are very weak making it difficult to breathe requiring a Bipap respirator 16-17 hours per day; my speech is garbled, I am very unsteady on my feet, have double vision, etc… With these treatments, I am able to live a full life only needing the respirator 12-13 hours per day and a walker.  Yes, I am truly blest to be able to have such a powerful remedy to treat my condition by returning me back to remission.


Have you ever noticed that your own perspective can make or break your day?


Take Mondays, for example.  A negative perspective can leave you dreading your day, leaving you feeling like every day is like the proverbial Monday. You push yourself in to work, drink down your first cup of coffee, and everything you try to do seems like a chore. You try to work diligently, but your heart may not be in the moment, as you watch the clock secretly biding your time, hoping to go home.

On the other hand, on a more positive day, with a more hope-filled, focused perspective, things just seem to fall into place. To the naked eye, it may at first seem that it is fate. That things just happen to go poorly, especially on Mondays. Yet, consider this…

Each of us makes over 2 thousand decisions each day. Every individual is in control of their own attitude, our own perspective. It’s true. We are all in charge of the content of our own thinking, and that thinking propels us into pessimism or optimism, failure or success, angst or happiness, hatred or reconciliation, disharmony or unity. Negative thoughts invading? Like an usher in a movie theater, whenever negative thoughts try to creep into our minds, we are able to personally capture all negativity, and show it to the nearest exit of our conscious being.  It really is that simple! Body, mind and spirit, you are the gatekeeper in charge of keeping and maintaining inner peace through your thoughts.

Personally, I am determined to get a new attitude towards Mondays. For with just 7 days in a week, every day is a precious gift from God…And that includes Mondays. Every day is a new opportunity for a fresh start, a new adventure. Yes, some days are intrinsically easier than others, but through the eyes of faith, is there really such a thing as a ‘bad’ day beyond one’s perception of it?

Rather, could it be that each day is a blessed day because of its uniqueness?

Blessed are the eyes that see what you see.

For through the eyes of faith we are able to see blessings rather than inconveniences, walk in optimism rather than despair, revel in success rather than run from failures. The grateful heart is in full blossom with optimism that can make any day better, regardless of circumstances and challenges that loom large on the horizon.

Adele M. Gill    2015    Copyright

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