Not All About Us

“The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.”  Psalm 145:17-18

Jesus stands in wait to help those who call upon His holy name–especially when we are in most need. He never imposes His Divine Will upon us, but waits for our anguished pleas for help. Reach out to the Lord when you need comfort, guidance, discernment, healing and protection. It is during those times of need that He will stand up on your behalf to defend you, heal you, and walk with you. He will pave the way for you and fight your battles with and for you, if you will just give it all to Him and step aside so He can do His finest work on your behalf. It is during these times that God remains as close as the gentle breeze that surrounds you.

Sometimes we all try too hard to attempt to make relationships and things right in our lives, just the way we want them. In a way, when we interfere with God’s plan for us, his working things out as only He can, we impede and delay the progress and blessings He sends our way. Rather, we need to step aside. For given the chance. God will go before us and behind us, and walk shoulder to shoulder with us, as we turn to Him.  He can change the hearts of those who hurt us–even our enemies–ease tensions, and will work all things for the good.

In the face of adversity, no weapon against you shall prosper, when you are nestled in the loving arms of Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, our shield. As co-heirs with Christ, we are called to hand over every situation, every hurt, every form of hatred, every failing, and even our successes to Him, and always remember to give credit where credit is due. When we do, well, things just run a lot more smoothly. Hatred and animosity melt away into compassion, even love, and situations change.

For Jesus is not just the Savior that leads us into eternal life when we leave this world in His care; He is our Savior in every circumstance in the here and now. But we must first ask for whatever we need with confidence. We must humble ourselves in His sight, and believe that He is who He says He is, capable of obtaining all good things for us in our daily lives. Like a tangled web of yard, He will pull unravel the chaos in our lives. We need to simply put aside our prejudices and differences with others, and replace them with a longing for His holy Love and almighty intervention.

The truth is, it’s not all about us. It’s about the loving, kind and merciful God–the Light of the World–and how we try to turn to Him to bring His peace and Light into every situation, every relationship. The best days always start with keeping Jesus central in our lives. He IS the healing Light that repels mayhem, sin and selfishness, and prevents us from trying to fend for ourselves, as He holds the key to our peace and well-being.

 (C) Copyright 2018     |   Adele M. Gill

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