All Things Work For Good

“All things work for good…” Romans 8:28

Sometimes, when I am feeling burdened, I sit or stand before the cross in Church, close my eyes, and envision placing all of my concerns, headaches, and heartaches in a gift-wrapped box. However, this is no ordinary box. In my mind, it is a carefully,  wrapped beautiful box and the lid has a big, satiny bow on it. In my mind, I confidently lay the box at the foot of the crucifix, and trust that Jesus will shoulder all of the burdens I have laid before Him. With this, while at the foot of the cross, I repeat this one simple prayer: ‘Jesus I trust in You.’

 Once I do this act of humility in trust, I feel so much better, so much lighter, and definitely more ready to deal with the challenges of life on its terms. In essence, it allows me to diminish the turbulent feelings of mayhem that arise at such times, and through this simple exercise and prayer, to once again, walk in peace, realizing that all things work for good.

As Christians, we are so fortunate and blest to have Jesus carry our burdens for us for the asking. He is our Eternal Savior, as well as, our Living Savior. He provides much needed practical help and is ever ready to pave the way, clear the path, lift us onto higher ground, bridge relationships, and be the bridge we need to cross over turbulent, stormy waters to help us get to the other side.  He is there both for you and for me, ready to respond to our heartfelt prayers inviting Him in to every situation. For there is no situation you and I encounter is too great or small for Jesus Christ to work all things for the good for those who trust in Him!

Adele M. Gill | |  2015 Copyright

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