The 10 Commandments: Relevant or Passe?

Today’s Sunday Church Reading:

“Moses said to the people…In your observance of the commandments of the LORD, your God, which I enjoin upon you, you shall not add to what I command you nor subtract from it.

Deuteronomy 4:1-2


The 10 Commandments, as given to Moses by God Himself, give great discernment, direction, and light to our days.  This Scripture clearly tells the Israelites that we are not to add to them or subtract from them, because by so doing, the  meaning may be obscured and essentially changed. This message was not just meant for the Israelites, but for all Judeo-Christian followers for generations to come, until the end of time. Are the 10 C’s relevant or Passe? As a succinct, brief reminder, Jesus gave us His mandates to 1) Love God with all your heart and mind, and 2) Love one another, which is the summation of the 10 Commandments, rather than a replacement for them. Today, when we follow Jesus’ mandate mindful of the 10 Commandments, we are able to avoid sin, which separates us from God and each other.
The great message here, is all about Love. That is, God’s love for us, and what we do to show our love for Him in return. It is not a one way street, as the door swings both ways. When we love God, we recognize that we are sinners, but trust He loves us despite that fact. However, we try to follow the 10 C’s as closely as possible, asking for forgiveness when we fall short.
As this Scripture passage says, we must find a way to love the orphan (born and unborn), the grieving widow, the sick and disabled; we must feed the poor, care for the poor in spirit, attend to the lonely, and those in most need. We strive to do what Jesus did when He walked the Earth among us, and do it with all the love we can muster.
Even though the 10 Commandments are as relevant today as when they were given to Moses, some people believe they are passe, allowing them to redefine truth for convenience sake. But Scripture is written to uphold TRUTH at every turn, and they are as valid today as they were at their inception.
Adele M. Gill     |      Copyright 2015

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