Christmas Compassion

“Shout for joy, you heavens; rejoice, you earth; burst into song, you mountains! For the Lord comforts his people and will have compassion on his afflicted ones.”   Isaiah 40:13


Compassion. Is that the core of the heart of Christmas? ‘Seems to me year after year that Christmas is a time of great compassion. Compassion for the less fortunate in need, compassion for Our Dear Lord who lived and died for us all. Compassion for those who are hurting. Random acts of kindness.


I sometimes wonder if it is possible for people to embrace the Christmas Spirit all throughout the year. Imagine what it would be like if that were the case. The poor would be regularly fed and clothed, the grieving and despairing comforted. Joy and peace would reign. Basically, those in most need among us would likely have more of what they need to thrive as we endeavor to reach out to others in their time of need. Abundant supply, actually.


This year, let’s all try to do more acts of kindness–random and intentional, Let’s try to listen a little more closely  to those in need of a friend or encouragement. Try to donate our time and resources to charities. It could be as simple as donating clothes to the poor. Let’s pray for those who have no one to pray for them. Let’s give it our best this upcoming year. It will surely enrich our own lives and those around us in our communities, as we strive to bring comfort, peace and joy wherever we go as we give all glory and honor to God!


This kind of giving sets us apart as Christians, and enables God to bless us even more abundantly as we do unto         others as He has done unto us. It is a wonderful way to spread the love that Jesus has for each of us. Personally, I         am looking forward to seeing who God will place in my path to love in a bigger way. Not believing in chance, I              am confident that He will pave the way for us, matching each of us up with abundant opportunities to serve                  others in His mighty name. For Jesus knows our hearts and hears our prayers.

      Dear Father God,

     I pray this Christmas that this upcoming year will be a year like no other. Please go before me and pave the way     for abundant opportunities to serve and minister to others. Look with favor on this offering, I pray, and lead me    in Your ways. Help me see the good in myself and others, and please take control of my life. Let me grow in my       love for You, and let that holy love spill over unto all around me. For you are the light of the world. Let me be a        tiny candle in Your loving hands leading people to You through kindness and compasssion. I ask this in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen!Tony'sSunriseTony'sSunrise

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