Rejoice & Be Glad

“This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it!”

~ Psalm 118:24 ~

By Adele M. Gill

This is the day to rejoice and be glad! Each and every day we are faced with a decision when we get up in the morning as to what kind of day we will have. If we don’t choose optimism, we can easily, mindlessly unravel as the day goes on. Then we may experience things happening that are not according to our plans. We really do get to decide if we will focus on the challenges or the benefits and blessings of each day—regardless of whatever transpires.

It has been said that we all make over 2000 decisions in a single day. Some are truly minor decisions, such as whether or not we sit or stand. Stay on the diet or not. Be kind. Work hard or not so much. Go to the store or stay home. Then there are bigger decisions such as staying at or leaving a job you loathe, ending a toxic relationship, even going to Europe on vacation. But regardless of the decisions we make on any given day, we must live with the consequences of each and every one, though some are far more weighted than others.

Silver Lining in Every Circumstances

Deciding to put a positive spin on, or looking for, a silver lining in every circumstance relieves stress. Even and especially the stress of enduring our own imperfections and those of others. This perspective may initially take some self-discipline, but it is well worth it. When we are able to rejoice in God’s presence, our lives change for the better. We naturally revel in his handiwork in our lives as we come to understand that all we really have is today.

For Christians, today—everyday–is so special, because it gives us the opportunity to celebrate what Jesus is doing in and through us for God’s glory. Today, when we fall short, if we choose, we are able right ourselves, even though we have no control over some of the difficult situations that we face. We don’t have the privilege of living in the past, or the future. For what has passed is over; what is ahead is unknown in a very real sense. As we focus squarely on today, we are best able to handle whatever comes our way with gladness and rejoicing. Even when ‘bad’ things happen we can appreciate the fact that it wasn’t worse. When we have tough days we can always know with certainty, that just like the weather, no day is sunny all the time, and better days are ahead.

Half Empty–Opportunity to Fill It

As with the optimist and the pessimist, we can see that the cup is half full or half empty. If it’s half empty, we have the opportunity to fill it… then rejoice and be glad we did. When we are able to put aside all negativity, we are better able to live each day to the fullest. No what-ifs, no regrets, as we strive to live in the present, doing our best, and accepting ‘good enough for God’ whenever necessary. That is the essence, the true and enduring secret, to being able to rejoice and be glad each day.

© Copyright 2020   |   Adele M. Gill


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