“For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens.”      Ephesians 6:12                 


As some of you know, many years ago, I fell into major depression. It was a deep, dark, and lonely time that required a brief hospitalization, My doctors and family wondered if I would ever find my way back from the depths of torment to a like of normalcy.There were 2 reasons for it:

1) I did not think I could live one more day in poor health, unable to walk, speak swallow or breathe easily. My vision was blurred, with double vision at times, and I could not imagine how I could press on

2) Though I did not understand it at the time, I was flooded with nightmares and corroborative flashbacks from untreated childhood trauma. I didn’t even have a language for what was transpiring emotionally, and just getting through each day was a big deal for me.

 It took about 12 medication combination changes to help me pull out of it. Together, these factors in my life presented the perfect storm. Eventually, my medical team found the right combination of medications to get me back on track, and for that I am truly grateful. But there is more to the story…

During this harrowing life experience, I learned a lot about myself and life, especially about my faith, from a wonderful Psychiatrist at the hospital. Keep in mind that when someone is in deep depression, they are often unable to pray it through themselves. It took time, and the prayers of others were vitally important as they prayed fervently on my behalf, for which I am eternally grateful.

Rejuvenation…My Middle Eastern doctor, Dr Hanita Sawhney, was likely one of the people God sent to help lift me out of the depression. Recognizing that I am a religious person, she encouraged me along by talking with me about my feelings, God, Jesus, and my faith beliefs, something often omitted from psychotherapy. She challenged me to let go of some things I held onto with clenched fists to allow me to reach for my faith with both hands. She challenged me in every way to reach for God’s waiting hand. And helped me reestablish my connection with God as part of my treatment. This was so life-giving. Before I knew it, my faith was restored and I was able to pray simple prayers again, such as “Heaven help me!” and regained the desire to live. In that way, she was a blessed life saver!

Though Psychiatry generally keeps faith separate when treating mental illness, reaffirming one’s faith can be important to help people renew their belief in God during such harrowing times. When all seems lost, God will get you through your greatest challenges and obstacles in the most glorious ways if you or your loved ones simply call upon Him in your times of need. For even and especially when all seems lost, Jesus will step in as only He can and save you, removing you from harm’s way. His unconditional love and mercy endures forever!


Adele M. Gill  |  2015 Copyright   |

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